Voorspellend onderhoud machines internet of things industrie 4.0. Optimaliseren en beveiligen van het productieproces.

Collate, save, analyse and improve

More understanding and control within your organisation?

Use the latest technology and digitalisation to connect machines, robots and other devices so as to manage, optimise and secure the operational process.

Our hardware and software solutions enable you and your organisation to use fault management, predictive maintenance and machine learning, making processes more reliable, transparent, cost efficient and therefore more manageable.

We create innovative and smart solutions that meet our clients’ needs as closely as possible. Whatever the question on industrial automation may be, we can find a solution.

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More understanding and control of your installations and processes.

Increased productivity and turnover, reduced costs

Is your organisation ready
for the future?

It is increasingly important that you can work smartly, cost efficiently and environmentally friendlily and the rapid developments being made with Industry 4.0 and the IIoT can help in this. Whether you work in the private or the public sector, there’s a need to keep up with the competition and be able to meet rising standards. Not doing so and not making changes means deterioration. Sometimes literally.

Which is why we are asking if your organisation is ready for the future. Have you enough insight into the performance of your machines and applications? Is performance being measured, recorded and analysed?

KPIs are the key to improvement

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential if you want to optimise your processes. By determining and monitoring KPIs, you gain access to a lot of information quickly. If a KPI exceeds its limits, a notification is sent automatically and with these insights into the measured data, you can start improving the quality and reliability of production.

In addition to recording KPIs, you can also make smart use of other relevant statistics. Our advanced solutions mean you can use a single platform to connect all of your machinery to each other.

We ensure that you are able to exchange real-time data, that you can use Data Logging, and make data visual in a report or on a dashboard, so that you can respond quickly to information from the production process.

Do you want to understand your processes and installations?

Remote real-time control of systems, buildings and objects.

Use the opportunities of the Internet of Things

What risk does your organisation run if you don’t adapt to the changes of Industry 4.0?

The Internet of Things is a worldwide development but not everyone needs to move with it straight away. We want to make you aware of its possibilities: technology is developing incredibly quickly and it is there for you. Use it, because more and more businesses are integrating automation and data exchange in all their processes. So when are you going to start?

The risks of ignoring IoT:

  • Weakened competitive position
  • Increased costs, including energy costs
  • No or very little insight into or control of machine performance
  • Inability to attain KPIs set by your clients
  • Machinery downtime due to not working proactively
  • Lack of insight into your operational planning
  • Risk of system or installation failure
  • No access to important management information and reports
  • Risk of cybercrime

The IoT offers you many opportunities. It is important that you keep up to date and keep developing. We’re more than happy to help you implement improvements.

A single platform for all communication; suitable for all operating systems and sources.

Are you ready for the future?

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