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To measure is to know

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Do you have insight into the performance of your building installations?

They say that to measure is to know, and it’s certainly true when it comes to building management. We can help you to handle quickly in emergencies, gain insights into performance and optimise building management processes.

There are many installations in buildings, for instance for controlling the indoor climate, or managing security and fire safety. All of these installations generate big data, which is valuable if you know how to ‘read’ it. We have that knowledge and the building management system to turn your data into information. With this information, the building manager can make better decisions. Whether it concerns existing buildings with possibly outdated systems or new construction projects, our platform can communicate with practically all protocols.

REACT as an extension

Our added value is that we collaborate with our clients, accessing the installations remotely, collating data, quickly responding in emergencies and offering a flexible portal. Our products are often used in combination with an existing system or operating system and as such we are often seen as a real extension to your organisation.

Flexibility and customization

There are often different parties involved in building management and to ensure that each organisation or employee has the right level of access to the system, we have developed a flexible platform. We can set up the platform to your specific needs, even including your own corporate ‘look and feel.’

Supporting protocols

Various standard protocols are supported, including Modbus (RTU/TCP), OPC, UA, Ethernet/IP and BACnet/IP, and ‘serial’ communication is supported (RS232, RS422, RS485).

Realtime en op afstand monitoren van de conditie van technische installaties met ons gebouwbeheersysteem

The advantages include:

  • Saves time and money
  • Provides remote access to your operating systems
  • Provides insights and control always and everywhere
  • Uses data logging and data visualisation tools
  • Offers a high level of flexibility in management
  • Provides alarms and events management
  • Increases service for your customers
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