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Efficient water chain management

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A safe, reliable and efficient water management information system

Water and the Netherlands are inseparable. Municipalities, water authorities and provincial authorities therefore play an important role in safely, reliably and efficiently managing the water chain while focusing on people and the environment.

Reducing the number of calamities and malfunctions

In order to be able to control and remain in control of the water chain, more and more municipalities are collating data. And this means stable and reliable communications are essential. Our water management information system provides insights into the performance of pumping stations, works of art and other elements. These insights mean you can be proactive and prevent malfunctions.

Reducing the number of calamities and malfunctions helps improve the processes in water chain management. We provide various solutions for managing waste water, well pointing, drinking water, groundwater, precipitation and surface water.

Customised water management

In terms of both hardware and software, we work with our strategic partners to develop customised solutions so you can remotely manage, monitor and programme your installations. Our solutions can be coupled to existing systems and telemetric systems or to your central post. React! Solutions is not dependent on a particular operating system and can support the protocols you use.

Elements of water management include:

  • Sewerage pumping stations
  • Water storage basins
  • Barrages
  • Spillways
  • Fountains
  • Sluices
  • Gauging stations
  • Works of art
  • Bridges
Een veilig, betrouwbaar en efficiënt waterbeheer informatiesysteem​

The advantages include:

  • A single platform for data management, operation and optimisation
  • Real-time monitoring, management and alarms for complete infrastructures
  • Remote access suitable for all types of measurement
  • Independent of brand, operating system and location
  • Increased cost control
Veilig, betrouwbaar en efficiënt waterketenbeheer
Sluizen en watermanagement
Terugdringen van calamiteiten en storingen
Grondwatermonitoring, overstorten en wateroverlast voorkomen