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Increase the returns of
your machinery or factory

Access to your machinery, or even the whole factory, always and everywhere? Get real-time insights into performance, gain the opportunity to improve processes using reliable information from your production lines, and monitor the state of technical installations all using our management system for Smart Industry.

There’s a lot being said within Industry 4.0 about terms such as “Smart Machining” and “Smart Factories.” What is actually meant is that both the machine and the factory as a whole can operate more smartly and perform better when the right innovations are applied.

Our portfolio of innovative products presents new and strong opportunities for manufacturers and machine builders.

Realtime en op afstand monitoren van de conditie van technische installaties met ons beheersysteem voor Smart industry.

The advantages include:

  • Always real-time information
  • Remote flexible management
  • Suitable for all types of operating systems
  • Lower travel costs and working time
  • Clear overview thanks to systems being brought together in one platform
  • Early problem detection and repairs
  • Use of Smart Machining, Smart Factories, Predictive Maintenance & Fault Management
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