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Do you want more control of production, logistics and energy use?

Data logging is the recording of measurements from machinery and processes for analysis. If you securely connect your businesses, machines and networks with each other over the internet, you can obtain a full picture of your activities. The recorded data and real-time date can then be used to make predictive analyses.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the application of artificial intelligence (AI) on systems so that they automatically learn and improve processes. It focuses on the development of programmes that use data to learn autonomously. The process starts with analysing existing data, example data, experiences or instructions so as to identify patterns in the data that can be then used to make better decisions.

The main aim is for the system to learn autonomously, without humans interfering and making the decisions. React! can help you access and collate data and make Machine Learning possible.

Predictive Maintenance

A lot of measured data, big data, is needed in order to be able to predict when a machine is going to malfunction. Preset parameters and programmes can help you determine how machines should handle measured data, so that you can improve processes and so that the machinery can take certain measures autonomously.

By working sustainably, you can not only offer competitive pricing but also contribute to a better environment by gradually reducing the use of raw materials and energy.

Our solutions give you control and an overview of the situation always and everywhere, be it from your web browser, tablet or smartphone.

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Your advantages for gaining insight into measured data

  • Solve problems remotely
  • Minimise maintenance costs
  • Gain real-time control and data analysis
  • Optimise planning and production
  • Improve decision making for processes
  • Limit risk of machine downtime
  • Carry out the right maintenance at the right time